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December 3-6, 2024
II International Festival of Documentary Films and Media Projects 
"Liniya Fronta"

Международный фестиваль документального кино и медиапроектов

AboUT the Festival

Liniya Fronta (Front Line)

This year, 2024, the second international festival of documentary films and media projects “Front Line” will be held from December 3 to 6 in Rostov-on-Don.
The main idea that will unite the works of the festival is the confrontation between light and darkness, struggle and peace, success and failure, both on the real battlefield and in the souls and minds of the heroes. Every voice, every look, every word can give hope, strength and faith, become a source of inspiration and change the world.
You can apply for participation on this website from July 15 to October 15, 2024.


Alexander Khanzhonkov

Alexander Khanzhonkov is the symbol of the Festival.

Hereditary Cossack

Alexander Khanzhonkov was born in 1877 into the family of a retired Cossack officer who served on the honor guard at the coronation of Alexander II, and was very proud of his origins. He graduated from the cadet school and was accepted into one of the best Cossack regiments – the Don First, went through two wars: the Russian-Turkish and the Russian-Japanese, and in 1905, with the rank of captain, he retired due to illness.

One of the founders of Russian cinema

In 1905, while in Rostov-on-Don, Khanzhonkov visited the first city electrobiograph (cinema) and after watching a film show he decided to devote himself to filmmaking. At first, he was involved in documentary filmmaking and distribution of foreign films, then he organized the filming of his own films, including documentary-fiction, educational, feature films, mystical dramas and others. Khanzhonkov created a special Scientific Department for filming educational films on agriculture, geography, zoology, botany, and medicine, attracting leading Russian specialists in these fields. He also made a huge contribution to the development of television journalism: thanks to him, people were able to see the disaster in the Italian port of Messina and the funeral of Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy. Founded the Yalta Film Studio.
Director of the first Russian full-length film In 1911 (together with Vasily Goncharov) Khanzhonkov released the first Russian full-length film – a documentary-fiction film about the Crimean War “Defense of Sevastopol” worth 40 thousand rubles! Mass battle scenes, sinkings of ships and survivors of the Sevastopol defense made an indelible impression on both the royal family and the mass audience.
The legend of world cinema and the “Front Line” festival
The name of Alexander Khanzhonkov is inextricably linked with Rostov-on-Don, the DPR and the southern coast of Crimea. His enthusiasm, perseverance and innovation played a major role in the emergence and development of the domestic film industry and television journalism. That is why his image will become one of the symbols of the “Front Line” festival and will be depicted on a prize statuette that will go to equally brave and determined people: directors, screenwriters and cameramen, journalists and bloggers.

Artwork by Maxim Ilyinov specially for the festival

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The documentary films and media programs that we will see at the Front Line festival in Rostov will make us think, feel, and empathize. They will remind each of us of the need to be a person who loves his country and his people.
I am sure that the new festival site on the Don land is an opportunity for the viewer to see high-quality, patriotic, traditional spiritual and moral cinema, and for directors, journalists and cameramen a chance to talk about their work, their ideas, civic position and, of course, find your viewer.

Andrey Kudryakov
President of the International Festival of Documentary Films and Media Projects “Liniya Fronta”


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Ekaterina Dmitrievna

Chairman of the jury.
Documentary filmmaker, member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, head of the Zolotaya Lenta Studio, teacher at the Department of Producing at VGIK. S.A. Gerasimova

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Natalia Mikhailovna

Director, screenwriter, producer,
Chief Director of the Documentary Film Directorate of Channel One JSC, General Director of the VSTRECHA studio,
Honored Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and member of the Guild of Film Directors of the Russian Federation, member of the State Cinematography Committee of VGIK

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German Borisovich

Editor-in-Chief of the 365 Days TV channel, producer

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Oleg Yurievich

Documentary director for the RT DOC channel

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Alexander Georgievich

TV journalist, documentary director

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Vladimir Vasilievich

Honorable member of the jury

Colonel General, Hero of the Russian Federation.


The international festival of documentary films and media projects “Liniya Fronta” (Front Line) is held annually. In 2024, the festival will be held in Rostov-on-Don at December 3 to 6.

Documentary filmmakers (beginners and professionals), journalists, media workers and war correspondents from all over Russia and abroad. Works produced in 2022–2024 can apply for participation in the competition program. Please note that we are showing projects in Russian at the festival, so films with the other languages ​​must be accompanied by subtitles in Russian.

From July 15 to October 15, 2024, you must fill out an application on this website. It must be accompanied by active links to the documentary/report/TV program download. More information you can find in the "Rules" section.

The participation is free.

The submitted works will be reviewed by a jury. The list of films and media projects selected for the competition program will be published on this festival website. Just stay tuned!

If you your project was selected for the competition, the costs of transfer (arrival, departure) of participants in the festival finals, as well as accommodation, are refunded by the organizer.

 The competition is held in the following categories:

  • Full-length documentary (over 40 minutes);
  • Short documentary film (up to 40 min.);
  • Documentary film about Special Military Operation;
  • Report/story;
  • TV program;
  • Web project (website or project on social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Rutube, YouTube) created at least 3 months before submitting an application for social media with a number of subscribers of at least 1000 users).

In each nomination, no more than 3 (three) winners of the competition are established: 2 (two) laureates and 1 (one) winner in the nomination. The highest award of the competition is the Grand Prix.

Besides the films and projects participants will enjoy author meetings, round tables and master classes from masters of the genre.

All events of the festival are free but need advance registration cause the number of the seats is limited. The schedule and registration link will be on the website, stay tuned.

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